Dr Ehab Georgy

Consultant Physiotherapist and Clinical Lead


Graduating in 2000, Ehab has been working as a Specialist Physiotherapist for over 17 years. He has worked and conducted research in a number of prestigious and internationally renowned hospitals, universities and institutions in UK, Ireland, Belgium and Egypt. His main areas of speciality are musculo-skeletal injuries, complex neurological diseases and movement disorders, with special interest in pain management and functional restoration approaches.

Ehab has worked extensively within a variety of healthcare settings in a number of countries and is currently leading an award-winning physiotherapy rehabilitation team in the NHS. Ehab obtained two master degrees and doctorate degree in subjects related to proprioceptive deficits, gait freezing, adapted physical activity, back dysfunction and movement disorders; and he has several published papers in international journals and has been presenting in international conferences.

In addition to his outstanding biomechanical and clinical analytical skills, Ehab has an excellent knowledge of current and emerging therapeutic interventions and manual techniques. He is an accredited prescriber for FES technology (Functional Electrical Stimulation), and is also trained in delivering cupping therapy and acupuncture.

Ehab also worked as an Associate Lecturer in Egypt for 5 years and as a Postgraduate Researcher in UK for 3 years. He participated as a steering group member for the UK Health Foundation funded project for improving the management of back pain in general practice (LIMBIC project).